Palmer Marble and Tile, Inc. WaterJet service is the industry leader in WaterJet cutting.

Based in South Florida we service the entire USA, the Carribean and South America.

Our WaterJet staff have been at the front of the industry for over ten years, they are among the most experienced in the country and are often called upon by manufacturers and competitors for technical support and advice.
Our staff, working with the WaterJet machine manufacturer were able to custom build an exceptionally powerful and accurate machine. The speed and efficiency of our machine enables us to produce the most accurate work at very competitive prices.

PMT routinely handles the difficult and impossible, often problem solving and trouble shooting in industries that some may consider out of our scope. If you ask us we probably can. We are able to cut materials as diverse as stainless steel, glass, marble, rubber, aluminum, steel and plastic.

The tolerance of our machine is .005″ with a cutting envelope of 72″x144″. We can accurately cut any material up to 12″ thick,.
With our accuracy, speed and quality work we feel certain that we can increase your quality, reduce your costs and increase your productivity.

We have customers from many different industries including marble and stone contractors, high performance motor sports, marine and aerospace contractors.

In addition to our outstanding work we offer a superb CAD service, often free or at a reduced rate depending on the volume or frequency of your orders.

PMT WaterJet cutting is the perfect compliment to Palmer Marble & Tile Inc. , adhering to the same ideals of quality and innovation.