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In 1995 Palmer Marble and Tile founder and president David Palmer saw the need to create our own materials distribution company. Frustrated by the lack of creativity and motivation of existing stone trade distributors he created Stone Technology Distributors Inc.

Stone Tech is a distributor for many national manufacturers such as C-Cure, Dry Treat, Miracle Sealants, Schluter and Barwalt to name a few. But where some would stop at buying and selling these proven quality products we go many steps further. We search world wide for the best in setting materials and stone tools. We assist many major companies in research and development, in fact, many industry standards were started right here. With the experience and testing facilities of Palmer Marble and Tile behind it Stone Tech can vouch for every product it sells, first hand. We know it works because we use it. We are the only distribution company that thinks like a stone and tile professional.